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Are there any rehab loans out there for DLBA projects?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Renek40 on Feb. 20, 2021

What electricians do knob and tube replacement wiring?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Brad on Feb. 4, 2021

Boiler Repair Quotes - Free - Senior in Detroit

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Karolynn Faulkner on Jan. 13, 2021

Window restoration professionals

1 answer. Asked by Mike Nehra on Jan. 11, 2021

I need quotes on chain fencing for two lots please?

1 answer. Asked by Vandessa Lang on Dec. 11, 2020

Fenestra Windows Restoration

1 answer. Asked by Rita Cargile on Nov. 29, 2020

Fannie Mae Rehab Loan

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by A. Williams on Nov. 29, 2020

how can i sign up my business

1 answer. Asked by LaWanda d Sears on Nov. 25, 2020

Securing my side door.

1 answer. Asked by Delilah Goliday on Nov. 17, 2020

HVAC company

1 answer. Asked by Renek40 on Nov. 6, 2020

I need a referral for gutters and downspouts

1 answer. Asked by Kim Stroud on Oct. 19, 2020

Do you have a referral for window restoration specialist?

2 answers. Asked by Wyatt Trapp on Oct. 19, 2020

Need exteroir door installed where window is currently

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Devin on Oct. 7, 2020

Window and Storm Window Maintenance services needed

1 answer. Asked by Joyce Alexander on Sep. 28, 2020

Contractors for Storm Window Install

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Kat on Aug. 29, 2020

I am a member of Brick and Beam and need information

1 answer. Asked by Donald Randazzo on Jul. 23, 2020

3% Chrysotile asbestos in plaster

1 answer. Asked by Kendal Kuneman on Jul. 21, 2020

Does anyone have any experience dealing with the Detroit Land Bank?

3 answers. Asked by Melissa Pettaway on Jul. 14, 2020

Old house smell

2 answers. Asked by Sarah Sharp on Jul. 3, 2020

Is anyone looking for Fenestra windows?

16 answers. Asked by James Murphy on Jul. 2, 2020

Need Storm Window Installer

2 answers. Asked by Chris on May. 20, 2020

Need Electrician for Basement

2 answers. Asked by Chris on May. 20, 2020

gutters on my home/garage are loose or fallen.

1 answer. Asked by J Richardson on May. 5, 2020

i need my roof over my son's room fixed it leakes when it rain

1 answer. Asked by sandra russell on Apr. 9, 2020

Repointing needed

7 answers. Asked by Becki Wells on Feb. 19, 2020

Have In-house french door needs glass replacement

1 answer. Asked by LaMarr Scott on Jan. 20, 2020

Rehab mentor or oversight service available?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Christian Winters on Dec. 30, 2019

Reform Parking Requirments?

1 answer. Asked by N. S. on Dec. 19, 2019

Recommendations on insurance for vacant properties?

2 answers. Asked by Matt on Nov. 16, 2019

Do I need a permit to tear out a closet?

2 answers. Asked by Chloë Lu on Nov. 4, 2019

Rehab Furniture Sale/Junk Removal

1 answer. Asked by Ameerah Rasheedah on Nov. 3, 2019

Is anyone here living in their rehab?

2 answers. Asked by Renek40 on Oct. 30, 2019

Retractable Screens

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Jean Ingersoll-Gough on Oct. 11, 2019

Looking for a contractor to do cedar shake on two small dormers.

2 answers. Asked by Daniel Robar on Sep. 30, 2019

I am looking for someone to repair glass panels in a 1927 conservatory.

1 answer. Asked by Jacquelynn Moffett on Sep. 28, 2019

Storm Window Recommendations?

1 answer. Asked by Jesse Green on Sep. 19, 2019

I am looking for a trusted window installer at boston edison

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Shahali Akhter on Sep. 13, 2019

Do I need a permit to change a fascia?

1 answer. Asked by R on Aug. 10, 2019

Who helps with roof construction

1 answer. Asked by Pauline Butler on Jul. 2, 2019

Looking for contractor who has worked on historic home windows

4 answers. Asked by Dennis J. Lynn on Jun. 20, 2019

Plumber Recommendation (Sewer Lines Specifically)

1 answer. Asked by Jesse Green on Jun. 20, 2019

Selling house full of Fenestra Detroit steel windows

9 answers. Asked by Patricia GM-only Ruelle on Jun. 15, 2019

Looking for a carpenter that can repair a sagging balcony & porch

2 answers. Asked by Charon Nogues on Jun. 12, 2019

are there any upcoing events

1 answer. Asked by [email protected] on May. 21, 2019

Burned Out Rehab

1 answer. Asked by Rebecca on May. 4, 2019


1 answer. Asked by James on Apr. 18, 2019

How to hire someone to remove asbestos boiler pipe insulation.

1 answer. Asked by Darnell Stewart on Apr. 9, 2019

I'm looking for someone who can get squirrel out of an attic space

1 answer. Asked by George Corsetti on Mar. 8, 2019

Need a bathroom installed in a church

1 answer. Asked by Jonathan Combs on Dec. 13, 2018

large door for sale

2 answers. Asked by George Corsetti on Nov. 13, 2018

Steel Window Hardware parts

3 answers. Asked by Lkulawczyk on Oct. 30, 2018

ISO Green 6" square reclaimed porch tile

1 answer. Asked by Maggie Jones on Oct. 21, 2018

Boiler repair expert needed

4 answers. Asked by Brad on Oct. 17, 2018

Where can I get steel beams

2 answers. Asked by Kimanifelder on Oct. 15, 2018

Anyone know who can service the old crank-out casement windows???

2 answers. Asked by gregory Lockett on Oct. 7, 2018

Tile Roof Repair

2 answers. Asked by letty on Aug. 15, 2018

203k lender recommendations?

3 answers. Asked by Nicole on Jul. 10, 2018

Where to find vintage tile

3 answers. Asked by Norma on Jul. 4, 2018

Anyone know a good tree removal company?

1 answer. Asked by Brad on Jun. 29, 2018

I am looking for a source for doors ,I need two 36x84

1 answer. Asked by Gail Hines on Jun. 28, 2018

Window company

1 answer. Asked by Paul on Jun. 15, 2018

Magical (small space) Toilet Advice?

3 answers. Asked by Betsy on Jun. 6, 2018

Stripping paint from molding

2 answers. Asked by Morgan Drutchas on May. 29, 2018

Does anyone know of a good/cheaper lead based paint inspector?

6 answers. Asked by Peggy Pointer on Mar. 27, 2018

Im looking for someone to shore up my garage and place aluminum siding.

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Dawn Yvette Thorpe on Mar. 12, 2018

Who repairs 1880's wood sash? Pre window weights.

1 answer. Asked by tom mcnicholas on Jan. 31, 2018

Recommendations on historic tile vendors

4 answers. Asked by Cassie Marie Lee on Jan. 22, 2018

Securing Vacant Property

4 answers. Asked by Rita Cargile on Dec. 26, 2017

Leaded Glass Reapir

5 answers. Asked by Ann on Oct. 27, 2017

Does anyone know of a reliable air duct cleaner

4 answers. Asked by George Corsetti on Oct. 23, 2017

Hi does anyone know a good contractor for stucco repair?

1 answer. Asked by Sandra Stahl on Sep. 28, 2017

Can anyone recommend a tiler or a cabinet maker?

2 answers. Asked by Kristin Barker on Sep. 27, 2017

vintage furnace and thermostat help

3 answers. Asked by Martin Olivier on Sep. 13, 2017

How does this program work?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Deanna Matlock on Sep. 8, 2017

Who repairs cedar siding

1 answer. Asked by abbey on Sep. 6, 2017

Historic Door rehab

2 answers. Asked by Blake Almstead on Jul. 26, 2017

Plumber interested in bathroom reno

1 answer. Asked by Kat on Jun. 5, 2017

Recommendations for builder/carpenter to replace back porch?

4 answers. Asked by Philip Rivera on May. 23, 2017

Where do I start to get information on a specific city owned property?

2 answers. Asked by Carolyn Koch on May. 17, 2017

Recommended land surveying?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by T McMillan on May. 5, 2017

Cast Iron Milk Door Restoration?

1 answer. Asked by Julia on May. 5, 2017

Removing tile from bathroom walls

2 answers. Asked by Carly Britton on May. 4, 2017

Resource to remove/sell 100 yr old bathtub

2 answers. Asked by Leigh Ann on Apr. 26, 2017

Mid Century Beam is rotting

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Jacob Fenton on Apr. 24, 2017

Good demo help requested

2 answers. Asked by Jessica Rose Frelinghuysen on Apr. 14, 2017

Has anyone used RhinoShield to paint their house?

No answers yet. Can you help? Asked by Adam on Apr. 3, 2017

Should I re-side? Or reveal cedar shingles?

2 answers. Asked by Jessica Herczeg-Konecny on Mar. 30, 2017

Having a Problem with a Sink

1 answer. Asked by Robert Everett on Jan. 25, 2017

Insurance during gut rehab?

5 answers. Asked by Sandra Stahl on Jan. 25, 2017

Movers recommendation

1 answer. Asked by Thomas Chaney on Dec. 8, 2016

Lead-Glass Repairs?

3 answers. Asked by Trevor on Oct. 27, 2016

Looking for bathroom rehab

4 answers. Asked by Aaron Dome on Aug. 3, 2016

window over kitchen sink

1 answer. Asked by PatRRichards on May. 25, 2016

Andersen Window Skylights

2 answers. Asked by sean on May. 21, 2016

Stripping Wood Doors

1 answer. Asked by Kristin Barker on May. 20, 2016

Older storm window/metal screen, sliding -- help!

1 answer. Asked by Tracie M on May. 16, 2016

Where can I find plumbers?

3 answers. Asked by Persisting on May. 11, 2016

Where are DIY classes held...

1 answer. Asked by maxine mickens on May. 6, 2016

Where can I find "wavy" or vintage window glass in Detroit?

3 answers. Asked by Mark Reynolds on Apr. 1, 2016

Need a referral for window repair

7 answers. Asked by Amanda Rosales on Mar. 31, 2016

Any cute ideas for separating merged front yard?

3 answers. Asked by Misha Lj Stallworth on Mar. 24, 2016

Know any good tuckpointers?

5 answers. Asked by Martin Olivier on Mar. 12, 2016

Having problems input/making map inactive

2 answers. Asked by Ken Walker on Feb. 25, 2016

Roll-up doors (commercial)

1 answer. Asked by Michelle Butler on Jan. 28, 2016


2 answers. Asked by Michelle Butler on Jan. 28, 2016

What is the best way to level a fence line?

3 answers. Asked by Scott on Jan. 25, 2016

do you know a good chimney sweep?

2 answers. Asked by victoria olivier on Nov. 30, 2015

Looking for leads on insurance providers

3 answers. Asked by Amy Bragg on Nov. 30, 2015

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