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Looking for information on insuring a house I purchased from the Detroit Land Bank during the renovation. Any recommendations on companies insuring in Detroit would be appreciated or specifics I should be looking for in a policy. Thank you.

Asked by Daniel Robar at 7:10pm on Nov 24 2018

House is a full rehab of all mechanicals, roof and kitchen.


at 10:39am on Nov 25 2018

I insured my house with Nazmul Islam in Hamtramck during renovations. This was a few years ago, I don't know if he's still in this business.

at 7:50pm on Nov 26 2018

Brick + Beam held a class on this subject, albeit a couple of years ago. Check out this resource and specifically the contact name and company that might be a helpful resource:

at 11:58am on Nov 27 2018

State Farm has very good rates on home insurance, I just changed over from another provider.

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