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Asked by Rudy Kirk at 9:38am on Nov 13 2018

Hello my name is Rudy I am a new home owner in the city of Detroit, I need Repairs all around my home but I don't know where to start, its an older home in Sherwood Forest In Detroit I would love to have some help some knowledge on what to start 1st and also are there any low income loans I can take out, I have HIGH equity in the home



at 9:58am on Nov 14 2018

Happy to walk through your home to advise. Opinions only. I am not contractor or tradesman but I have self renovated several homes in Detroit

[email protected]

My name is Larry . Can also text at 9177140172

at 9:06pm on Nov 16 2018

Welcome, Rudy! In addition to Larry's offer to help out, I would suggest reaching out to Da Brik Haus home inspection:

Dwight Stackhouse and his team are excellent and have helped me personally and many I know walk through the home to determine what's critical down to cosmetic.

at 9:42am on Dec 10 2018

Hello Rudy, congratulations on your new home. I would be willing to walk through with you and have a look at what needs to be addressed.

I'm a local contractor on the Eastside of Detroit, I have plenty of references. You can call/text anytime 313 629 3237 Robert Beard.

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