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Advice on how to keep squatters/trespassers out of vacant boarded-up property?

Asked by Matt at 5:55pm on Nov 16 2019

We just purchased a couple vacant homes that we are going to rehab (which will be a first-time experience), and we just spent a lot of time and money boarding them up, and the next day (today) they were both broken into. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to prevent this from happening again?

One of the homes was apparently being used for drug sales by a squatter/drug dealer, and the police removed that person before we boarded it up, so we assume it was who same person who broke in today.

While we were boarding up the house (after the police left), that person returned and made a threat to burn the house down, so we are also trying to quickly get some insurance quotes, if anyone has any recommendations on that.

We purchased these properties because we will be moving to Detroit in the next few months, as we really want to invest in Detroit. However we are suddenly feeling overwhelmed and naive, as we have never purchased property before, and we have no experience in rehabbing properties either. Therefore we are very grateful that we found this website/community, as we will be seeking a lot of advice and also seeking help/resources to rehab the properties.

Thank you in advance for any advice!


at 4:21pm on Nov 22 2019

I highly suggest getting electrical set up and having someone there until you get video/comcast put in. Where are you located?

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