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Does anyone know of a quality contractor to do a partial bathroom remodel? I have a shower tub combo I want to get rid of.

Asked by Jordan at 8:37pm on Apr 8 2016


at 11:07am on Apr 9 2016

Disclaimer: I own the company.

at 2:46pm on Apr 9 2016

happy to chat about it! Feel free to contact Mark Klimkowski at Virtuoso design+build. [email protected]
or myself [email protected]

at 7:50am on Jan 27 2017

The bathroom remodeling process can be large, and often involving electrical and plumbing work, as well as cosmetic changes. Last month my neighbor had remodeled her bathroom, by adding light colored wall paint and changing floor tiles. She had changed her bathtub into a walk-in bathtub for her mother-in-law, but before installing she had, scheduled an appointment with the contractor for a walk in bathtub in Yakima (, the supplier came to her home and assist her to choose a bathtub that will fit her bathroom space. So, before you remodeled your bathroom make sure you go through online sites and search for a professional contractor.

at 11:47am on Apr 12 2019

I would be happy to provide you some unique approaches to your concern. I have had many similar applications. Thanks
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