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November HUD Certified Homebuyer Education Course

Partner Event

5:00pm on Nov 12 2020



Home Buying Made Easy! Helping home buyers across the US become mortgage ready for over 30 years

NID Homeownership Program is intended to assist you with creating a successful action plan which will include a budgeting and savings plan to get you mortgage ready. We offer one-on-one counseling and group education workshops to help meet your homeownership goals. Enroll in our program and connect with one of our Homeownership Program Coordinators to analyze your financial and credit situation, identify barriers preventing you from obtaining affordable mortgage financing, and develop a plan to remove those barriers. Upon completion of the workshop, you will earn a certificate of completion eligibility to participate in Down Payment Assistance (DPA) programs from state, county DPA programs and some lenders.

3 Part Virtual Home Buyer Education Course will cover the following topics:
1. Steps in the home buying process
2. Money Management
3. Understanding Credit
4. How to Obtain a Mortgage Loan
5. Down Payment Assistance

You MUST complete all 3 sessions for the certification:
1) Session 1 - November 12th 5:00pm - 7:00pm
2) Session 2 - November 14th 10:00am - 2:00pm
3) Session 3 - One-on-One Follow Up Meeting

HUD Homebuyer Education Certificate will be issued after completion of all 3 sessions. 

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