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Corporate Social Responsibility Series: When the Dust Clears: Making Sense of the Post-Election Nonprofit Landscape

Partner Event

8:30am on Nov 20 2020



No matter the outcome, the November election will be a defining moment for the nonprofit sector especially during the current pandemic, economic uncertainty, and ongoing racial injustice. Policies like the universal charitable deduction, potential for new stimulus packages, the future of the Affordable Care Act or a national COVID response strategy will have meaningful impact for nonprofit fund development and operations. At the state level, outcomes can impact everything from budget and available grant funding to COVID response workplace healthy and safety standards and guidelines on how we serve community. Economically we’re facing unprecedented volatility that will have substantial medium-term implications for foundation, government and corporate spending.

Join Co.Act for a special post-election virtual discussion to make sense of the national and local policy and global economic implications of the election results for Southeast Michigan nonprofits.

Part of their quarterly Corporate Social Responsibility Series where they share local and national best practices for partnerships, hear from corporate philanthropy experts, and exchange ideas and learnings. This quarter’s panel will discuss key insights from cross-sector thought leaders on how we might collectively navigate a post-election social sector.

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